Advisory Board

The Global Alliance for Ministries and Infrastructures for Peace (GAMIP) is a worldwide community of civil society campaigns, organizations, committed citizens, and government officials supporting the development of ministries and other infrastructures for peace (I4P).

GAMIP believes in strengthening the UN mission to establish international peace and security. GAMIP works with countries with established ministries and other infrastructures for peace to share best practices and support countries striving to develop a culture of peace.

Members of Advisory Board

Dr. Mike Abkin

Dr. Saul Arbess

Dr. Dot Maver

Furquan Gehlen
South Africa

  • We commit to living our Vision by being peace and striving for self-transformation.
  • We take responsibility for being peaceful, for peaceful outcomes, and consider peacefulness as humanity’s imperative
  • We believe in the value of educating for peace and the crucial importance of having an educational approach in the creation of a Culture of Peace.
  • Political advocacy..
  • Public and civil society outreach.
  • Network development.
  • Organizational strengthening.
  • Integrity
  • Modeling a Culture of Peace
  • Educating for Peace.
  • Inclusiveness, Active Participation and Empowerment.
  • Cultural Sensitivity and Solidarity.
  • Nonviolence and Harmlessness .
  • Trusting People and Processes and Sharing Leadership .
  • Creativity, Flexibility and Sense of Possibility.
  • Holistic and Systemic Thinking.